Sliding System SS70

Profile Width

Number of Chambers

Number of Gaskets

Gasket Type


Glass Thicknesses




TPE Grey/ Black

Single Claw - TPE Gasketed(Sealed)

5, 16, 20mm


It is designed to be used in projects where sliding windows and doors are needed, and it also appeals to the eye thanks to its elegant design. It provides integrity with your spaces and adds value.

It has 3 chambers and 70 mm width. Thanks to its closed rail channels, it stays cleaner for a long time. It is produced with TPE gasket and provides sealing with corner welding. It has a perfect and aesthetic design that can appeal to every taste with its decorative and self-gasketed slats. It supports many auxiliary profiles in appropriate standards and has a functional structure that you can use in all your projects.

It can work in harmony with mosquito nets, shutters and shutter systems. It has a world-class design that harmonizes with domestic or foreign accessories.

It can be personalized with suitable laminate and color options and you can create beautiful looks for your space. You can give your windows a natural look with wood-patterned laminated options and get modern looks with colors such as anthracite gray.

Environmentally Friendly Window

Maxwin PVC Window and Door Systems provide heat, sound and noise insulation, easy maintenance and long life advantages as well as being environmentally friendly and 100% recyclable.

Renovation Sliding Frame Profile Kod: 70910

Sliding Frame Profile Kod: 70900

Renovation Sliding Frame Profile Kod: 71910

Single Sliding Frame Profile Kod: 70700

3 Tracks Sliding Fra. Prof. Kod: 70800

Sliding Renovation Profile With Fiy Swatter Kod: 71810

Slid. Fra. Prof. With Fiy Swatter Kod: 71800

Sliding Mullion Profilel Kod: 71930

Sliding Mullion Profile Kod: 70930

Sliding Sash Profile Kod: 70920

Sliding Sash Profile Kod: 71920

Sliding Sash Closure Profile Kod: 70970

Sliding Frame Closure Profile Kod: 70960

Sliding Rail

Single Glazing Bead Profile Kod: 1828180010

Double Glazing Bead Profile Kod: 2428240010

Single Glazing Bead Profile Kod: 80260

Double Glazing Bead Profile Kod: 80220