Expansion Options

Since PVC is easily shaped due to its structure, it can be produced in different structures and functions both visually and functionally. The mobility provided by its lightness also diversifies the opening options of PVC Door and Window products.



PVC Window Care

Today, the maintenance of PVC windows, which are the most preferred by people in their living and working areas, is among the most curious issues of people.

It is seen that PVC window maintenance has become a subject of great interest recently. Now that the vast majority of windows in both working and living spaces are PVC, people want to know enough about PVC window maintenance for a longer service life and savings. In this direction, our company carries out the periodic maintenance and cleaning of PVC windows in a professional manner.

Depending on the intensity of daily use, PVC windows are subject to various abrasions. Expansions in PVC windows can reduce the service life of the windows with the effect of seasonal conditions and cause damage to our people in terms of savings. If the necessary precautions are not taken, these expansions can adversely affect the PVC window joinery and the impact areas of these joinery. Despite all this wear and tear, the problem can be eliminated with some adjustments and regular maintenance due to the structure of PCV windows. In order for you to benefit from PVC windows in a long-term and high way, our company makes all kinds of maintenance, cleaning and adjustments in the best quality.

How Should PVC Accessories Be Lubricated?

In PVC window maintenance operations, it is very important that the moving parts of PVC window systems move smoothly and are professionally lubricated with fine machine oil so that their functions can work smoothly for a long time. It should not be forgotten that the excess of this lubrication will create visual negativity. For this reason, thanks to our professional lubrication presentation company, the service life and functions of PVC windows will increase considerably.

How to Maintain PVC Window Gaskets?

One of the most important points in PVC window maintenance is the cleaning process of the sealing element black EPDM gaskets on the window to increase the brightness and softness of the window sashes to make it easier to operate. Since the importance of these gaskets is quite high, the removal of the seals, their thorough cleaning and drying with Arabic soap should be done extremely carefully. In this sense, our company provides professional gasket removal, cleaning and trouble-free reinstallation.



Does PVC create moisture?

One of the issues that are wondered about PVC door and window systems is whether moisture and dampness occur.

One of the issues that are wondered about PVC door and window systems is whether moisture and dampness occur. Products such as aluminum and wood used for door and window systems are known to be more advantageous at the point of air intake. In systems made of such materials, there is a gap between the windows or doors and the cases where they are fixed. Although this gap creates a disadvantage at the insulation point, it allows the indoor environment to breathe.

Silicone gaskets used in PVC systems prevent the formation of gaps between windows and doors and cases. The lack of air passing through the interval areas may cause the environment to be humid, especially in winter. As a result of the cold outside and the inside being hot, the formation of moisture in the inner parts is among the situations that can be seen. This may lead to results such as the appearance of moisture in the building elements. Especially in houses with stoves, this situation is a frequent situation. However, some precautions can be taken against this moisture and dampness that is likely to occur in the structures where PVC systems are used.

The easiest solution to prevent the possible moisture problem in buildings using PVC door and window systems is to ventilate the environment. It is possible to ensure temperature balance by ventilating the hot environment where moisture is formed at certain intervals. In this way, the formation of moisture on the walls and in places such as ceilings can be prevented. The humidity of the environment can be reduced by a simple method such as giving fresh air to the environment. Especially for very hot and humid environments such as bathrooms, systems can be installed to provide continuous air circulation. With a fan to be placed in PVC window and door systems, the humid and hot air inside can be expelled.

With the electric fan system, there will be less humid air inside and there will be no moisture in the environment. This also applies to kitchen areas. Due to the cooking in the kitchen, a continuous warm environment can occur. Aspirator systems can be used to prevent the formation of a hot environment inside and not to increase the humidity.



PVC Window Benefits

The use of PVC in window systems has different advantages over windows made of other materials. Some of these benefits are listed below:

Easy Maintenance: PVC windows and doors can be cleaned very easily. It is enough to clean it once in a while with soapy or detergent water. PVC window accessories (such as hinges and handles) may require lubrication from time to time in accordance with the manufacturer's recommendation.
No Paint Required: Unlike wooden frames, PVC windows definitely do not require repainting. PVC windows can be manufactured in many different colors.
Vivid Colors: PVC windows are tested against the fading of their colors over time and this situation is prevented.
Stainless – Stainless: Wood and metal frames can rot or rust over time. These do not happen in PVC window systems.
Insoluble – Non-bending: Unlike  the timber, PVC frames do not bend and do not dissolve.
Robust and Durable: PVC windows use standard-compliant additives to ensure that they are both robust and durable.
Fireproof: PVC windows only burn under intense fire. Its material is capable of extinguishing itself.
Insulation: PVC windows are advantageous in heat and sound insulation. Especially in double glazing systems, this performance is much higher.
Competitive Cost: The cost of PVC claws is low as they are permanent and inexpensive to maintain. For these reasons, it costs much less than other options.
Design: Unlike other window systems,  innovative designs are available in pvc window systems. Sliding, rotating, top opening etc. different designs are available in pvc window systems.
Environmental: PVC window materials are recyclable materials. It also requires low energy in production. Many people prefer pvc window and door systems for many years. The main reasons for this are:• Thermal insulation• Sound insulation• Long service life• Fire resistant• Durable• Excellent weather and water resistance• Light weight, Easy Installation


PVC Properties

PVC is a material that is used quite a lot for doors and windows. The main reason why this material is so preferred is that it is more advantageous in terms of health and aesthetics.

Wooden and aluminum door and window models are also very much preferred by people. However, with the introduction of PCV for doors and windows, people's preference shifted towards PVC material. Wood and aluminum produced extremely heavy doors and windows. However, PVC has always allowed much lighter models to exist in the market. The lightening of windows and doors has made it very easy for people to use at home. Thanks to the PVC window models, the models that everyone likes met with the windows.

PVC products also provided convenience to people in the field of insulation. Especially with wooden windows, a lot of air from the outside gets inside; it was seen as a common problem for people. However, thanks to PVC, this problem situation has also disappeared. Because in PVC windows, there is no air from the outside to the inside. This made it easier to heat or cool the inside. Thus, people save money on heating.

Another reason why PVC products are so preferred is heat resistance. When faced with a fire situation in any way, the use of PVC at home provides a great advantage. In the face of the quick flammability of wood, PVC emerges as more resistant to final heat.