Single Opening PVC Window

How to use a single opening PVC window?

  • Opening of the Window Wing: The only opening PVC window is lifted up to 45 degrees when the arm is number 1 and the wing is pulled and the number 2 is made.
  • Closing the window wing: When the only opening PVC window wing is closed, the window wing is closed first and the arm is made by making it number 1.



Double Opening Pvc Window

Double opening window is a type of window that can provide two different opening options by leaving the window wing both side by side and from the top.

  1. Opening Option Top Opening
  • The double opening window provides the house to take off the house without direct wind.
  • When the window is closed, the window handle is returned to the position 3 and the window is opened with a slightly pulled withdrawal. When closing, the wing is fully closed and the window handle is provided by making it number 1.


  1. Opening Option Side Opening
  • For the closure of the wing, the wing is first closed and then the arm is brought to the position 1.

Note: The arm should not be brought to the position 3 while the wing is open. Change the location of the arm when the window wing is closed for the opening option you want to use


Double Wing Opening Windows

Dual -wing opening windows used in large areas consist of two wings that are opened in the opposite direction and provide the integrity of the image when they are opened.

  • One of the wings opens to the right and the other to the left. One of the wings is the winged system that is closed and then the other wing is closed from behind.
  • The first closed wing is called passive wing. Passive wings work like single expansions. The other wing is immediately followed to complete each other to close.

If desired, the passive window wing is closed and the other part is left open and unilateral or both wings are opened at the same time and double -sided use is possible according to the preference




Vasistas PVC Window

In one direction, the wing shape of the opening in the horizontal direction is called Vasistas Opening.

  • The arm is opened from the position 1 and the wing is opened to the position 3.
  • To lock the wing, the wing is closed again and set to position 1.

 It is mostly used in bathroom and toilet windows. The gap difference can be changed according to the scissors connected scissors.

 Vasistas offers a gradual opening option according to the characteristics of the scissors next to the window wing.


Single Slider Driving Series

The PVC system, which is opened by applying a fixed window system, is highly use in unwanted places where the sliding door or window wing occupies space.


  • In the single sliding system, the arm is opened from position 1 to the position 2 and the wing is drilled. The wings are applied to the right and left to open and close.
  • If the espagnolette lock is used, the lock is opened with the key first and then it is made open. It is brought back to the closed position by applying it again and it is closed according to the lock system used.

As a lock system, it offers the use of locked Spanish or classic handle system to your preference


Double Slider Driving Series

It is a riding series, which is designed for wide openings and can be opened by 2 in terms of usage comfort.