About Us

11Since our establishment in 1998, we have been making a difference with our experience and product quality under the umbrella of NUR-İŞ PVC.

We bring the most up-to-date technology to our facility in Adana Organized Industrial Zone in order to produce products that offer lifespan, quality and aesthetics together.

We bring the quality of our domestic production together with the people of the world with our exports to dozens of different countries in four continents, and we are proud to be the company that has the competitive power of our country in the international arena.


Mission and Vision

Our Mission

We use our years of experience and our technology, which we always renew with new investments, to produce products that respect nature and provide high added value to the country's economy.

our vision

We work with the vision of being a universal brand that will carry Turkey, one of the leading forces of the sector, even further in the international trade environment.


Our Quality Approach

We have been processing PVC material, which has been proven to be superior for years, with our passion to constantly seek perfection, and offer it to your service with products that we will be proud of.

Offering superior insulation performance and ease of maintenance compared to wood and metal, PVC is also a low-cost and powerful solution.

PVC, which is produced as a result of processing a substance obtained from rock salt with petroleum, is sustainable and recyclable, with little negative impact on the environment. We also act with the priority of sustainability in all our production steps.



We are a passionate team that is not content with the success it has achieved at Maxwin, but always seeks new and better. When this passion comes together with our spirit of entrepreneurship and innovation, it is inevitable to become a brand that follows new technologies and innovation.

We attach great importance to following the international developments and innovations in the sector very closely. However, we carry out very meticulous research activities to realize low-cost, high-return and sustainable production.

With our team that likes to develop concrete solutions to real and practical engineering needs, we work to realize innovations that touch people's lives.


Environment Policy

Since the day we were founded, we have been producing with a philosophy that respects nature and embraces the future. We care very much that our products do not harm the nature.

It is not enough to own the present.

Our world is facing burning environmental problems that are increasing in impact. In order to develop effective solutions to these problems, it is not enough to embrace the present alone. We realize 100% recyclable environmentally friendly production so that our world gets the future it deserves.

We work to minimize our impact on the environment in all areas where we produce and at all stages of our production.

We adopt international policies and standards on environmental awareness.

With our R&D studies, we reduce not only our production costs, but also our impact on the environment.